Rest in Peace P.S. Hoffman

My dear friend,

It seems I've known you for all my life! I was only 11 years old the first time I saw you on a movie, on a role you played a stupid young rich brat that did nothing except getting in trouble and pretending you liked your friend so you could get away with your stupid pranks! This was the movie...

For those that may not know it, it is called Scent of a Woman and is one of the most brilliant stories I've read and Al Pacino's better performance as an actor, in my opinion. In this film, you just made me angry, because you were a bully, at the end of the day. And I know a few bullies of my own!

The I saw you in small parts in films like The Getaway, Boogie Nights, and The Big Lebowski throughout my teenager years. And then, all of a sudden and without even expecting it, you made Magnolia, then Boogie Nights!, then Cold Mountain! and specially The Talented Mr Ripley and I really got to know you as an actor! As a brilliant actor that took roles of all kind and that made them all brilliantly! Even on Mission Impossible III, a mediocre film with a great cast, you were the shining star and the life of the movie!

But your crown of glory, as we all know, was that "insert adjective here" role on Capote. An amazing movie about an extraordinary character with a remarkable sense of humor and this spectacular way of speaking. And you did it brilliantly. I was 24 years old, then. And I saw it on a pre release, alone on a full room. From this day on, I remembered not the boy with white pasty face, blond hair and rosy cheeks, but the man with a superhuman capacity for role-playing. I was almost forgetting you when I saw you again on Doubt and then again on Moneyball, a few years later. This time, you were not the star, but Brad Pitt made you shine like a Gold Doubloon out of sea 200 years later!

And now, when they found a suitable Plutarch Heavensbee, you get yourself killed by a stupid heroin overdose! How can this be fair? How can someone do this to himself, willingly? How can such a brilliant actor be such a stupid person? Aren't you supposed to be intelligent and well advised and all that? How will the Broadway react to this? And Hollywood too, by the way?

It's a shame that these kind of people make such stupid mistakes.Bot uh well... This is life isn't it? Rest in Peace Phillip. Those who loved you will miss you a lot!


  1. E agora??? Como vão acabar o Hunger Games?? :s

  2. Lois Lane
    Ou mudam de actor entre a primeira e a segunda parte do Mockingjay ou voltam a gravar as cenas dele nos dois filmes com outro actor... São as soluções que eu vejo!

    Not sex, my dear! Plain heroin!


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